WITH BRANNDON & GREG BARGO


It's "Bear Grylls" meets "The Daytripper"

The Highpointers is all about two adventurous brothers from Texas who explore the U.S. by climbing the highest point in each state. Along the way, they will discover the best things each state has to offer including great eating spots, and top historical and cultural destinations. They will invite local experts and celebrities to join them along the way.

One of the best ways to see the most beautiful and pristine places in the U.S. is to climb the highest point in the U.S. From a 300-foot hill in Florida to a 20,300-foot peak in Alaska the Bargo Brothers explore the highest point in each of the 50 states in the U.S. The term is called highpointing and those who strive to reach a high point are called Highpointers - from the everyday outdoors person to the die-hard mountaineer. The challenge varies from state to state, sometimes the challenge is roping up and climbing a big technical peak like Mount Rainier in Washington, or it is just locating and finding a remote peak, and other times the highpoint may be a hill but it is on private property and getting permission to climb it becomes the challenge.

They will leave the city for the countryside and will visit other outdoor locations such as national parks, and animal sanctuaries, and participate in other popular outdoor activities such as canoeing the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, or hiking the beautiful waterfalls of Oregon.  


The Bargo brothers filmed the first episode this past Fall in Texas. To read more check out this article written about The Highpointers.