January 17       Arrive to Belize City and take bus to San Ignacio. (3 hrs)

January 18       Start of Belize Climb (Doyle’s Delight elev 3,853 ft – 50 miles). Drive from                                    San Ignacio via 4X4 to Tapir Camp (3hrs) then Tapir Camp to Ceibo Chico Camp                            via tractor (8hrs) 

January 19        Hike from Ceibo Chico to ridge near Fork Camp (12hrs)

January 20       Hike from Fork Camp to Doyle’s Delight summit (7hrs) and head                                                       back to Fork Camp

January 21        Hike Fork Camp - Ceibo Chico Camp (10hrs), tractor ride to Tapir Camp (8hrs)

January 22       Drive from Tapir Camp to San Ignacio (3hrs)

January 23       San Ignacio, Belize to Guatemala City. Rent car and pick up at GC airport.                                       Overnight in Guatemala City

January 24       Start of Guatemala Climb (Volcan Tajumulco elev 13,845 ft) Drive from GC                                   head to Tuichan. Exact trailhead start of Volcan Tajumulco is Llana de la                                           Guardia. Plan on 6 hour round trip to Tajumulco summit.

January 25       Start of El Salvador Hike (Cerro El Pital elev 8,957 ft) Drive back to GC take                                 bus from GC to San Salvador. King Comfort bus leaves at 6:30 am or 3 pm. Take                           bus to La Palma. 1.5 hrs roundtrip to summit. Camp on summit of Cerro El Pital.

January 26       Start of Honduras Climb (Cerro Las Minas elev 9,416 ft) Bus from Cerro El                                   Pital to border at El Poy. Travel to Santa Rosa de Copan (2.5 hrs) and then to                                   Gracias (1.5 hrs). Entrance to Cerro Las Minas is 8 km uphill from Gracias. Plan on                           6-7 hrs round trip to summit. Stay in Teguciglapa.

January 27       Start of Nicaragua Climb (Cerro Mogoton elev 6,913 ft) Leave early for                                         Nicaragua Border. Bus leaves Las Manos (border) to Ocotal every ½ hour                                       starting at 5 am. Takes 1 hour. Drive 1 hr to trail head. Plan on 6 hrs roundtrip to                               summit. Back to Ocotal by 2 pm. Ocotal to Managua bus departs hourly. Takes                               3.5 hrs. Overnight in Managua. Take bus to San Jose Costa Rica (10 hrs)

January 28       Start of Costa Rica Climb (Cerro Chirripo elev 12,533 ft – 24 miles) Try to take                           early bus from Nicaragua to arrive in San Jose by 6 or 7 am. Bus from San Jose                             to San Isidro takes 3 hrs. San Isidro to San Gerardo de Rivas take a taxi for the 7                           mile trip, takes 15 minutes. Plan on 9 hr round trip to summit. Most people take 2                           or 3 days for the climb.

January 29       Most likely summit Costa Rica this day then transport to Panama. Bus from San                              Isidro to David, Panama takes 6 hrs. From David to Boquete bus takes 1                                          hour. Overnight at Baru.

January 30       Start of Panama Climb (Volcan Baru elev 11,398 ft) Depart early for Baru. Plan                             on 8 hr roundtrip to summit. Back by 12 pm. Bus from David to Panama City                                   takes 7-8 hrs. Overnight in Panama City.

January 31        Extra day built in case we run into transportation issues along the trip.

February 1         Relaxation and tour of the Panama Canal.

February 2        Fly from Panama City to Washington DC – National Prayer Breakfast