The Bargo Brothers have an ambitious and audacious dream - to be the first people to climb the highest point in every country of the Americas. The 35 peaks will range from sub-zero multi-week expeditions to jungle treks only recently discovered.

They are climbing the peaks in stages. Their first objective started this past winter – January 2016 with the C7 Expedition. The brothers climbed the 7 Central American summits in a world record time of 12 days blowing away any previous attempts.

They don’t want to just climb peaks for their own fame and glory. The C7 Expedition is a way to draw attention and funding to help eradicate malaria from the planet. Many experts say eradication is very possible in our lifetime with current strategies, but has not been properly implemented. If successful this would be the first infectious disease eradicated since small pox and only the second in history. The brothers have spent years perfecting their outdoor and sports resume as well as their knowledge of malaria working, studying, and researching with leading malaria experts throughout Africa.